Garden Fencing

We hadn’t fenced outside in 2009 and this prompted us to plan for a Saturday in early March to fence in the park – with the piste beside the hothouses in the Botanic Gardens.  It turned out a to be a hot sunny day and there was little shade so if you take a look at the photos you’ll see many versions of sunhats.

A good number of members turned up and there was some good fencing for the passers-by.  One of them, a lady of “mature years”, was delighted to stop and recall memories of her fencing days at Otago University many years ago.

Another bystander took some good photos of the event. We are very thankful for his involvement as none of us had remembered to bring a camera.  All the pictures in this article and the related album were taken by  Swee Kin Loke – thanks Kin.

Proceedings were wrapped up with our all-important lunch for postmortems, to relate stories and to right the world.  A very enjoyable day.