Back to Basics

Tony CoachingTony came up with an idea to lift the quality of fencing in Salle Angelo and set about organizing a day’s coaching of foil techniques. He did that and led the coaching, ably assisted by Barry.  The venue was the Pioneer Hall in Port Chalmers  – a small space but adequate for the ten people who took advantage of the sessions.

The morning was used to cover the guards and to practice them:

  • the suppinated parries – sixte, quarte, octave, septieme
  • and the pronated parries – tierce, quinte, seconde, prime 

To complete the morning we paired up and worked out sequences using the parries.

Lunch at the Tall Poppy – great food and, as with all our lunches, good conversation and stories to aid digestion.

Two sessions in the afternoon:

  • First instruction and practice of attacks -simple, disengage, beat, coupé, double coupé, graze (to name a few) culminating in building sequences again.
  • Then a session on presiding. Barry and Brian set up sequences and the rest of us ‘presided’ after which our efforts were discussed and analyzed.

The day was a great success and all hail to Tony for the work he put into it.